who we are

Aaditya Componix Private Ltd based in Bangalore (Southern India) is growing as stalwart in manufacturing.

Common Mode Chokes, Inductors, Transformers, Air Core Coils. Aaditya Componix Private Ltd is able to endow wide range of host of industries evolved in Power Industries, Medical Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Lighting Industries to denominate few.


Continued history of delivering quality produce to customer/B2B segment confirming international standards.

  • Passion for excellence invading wide range of electromagnetic component produce with continued strive in sustaining its quality gauge.
  • Men, Machine, Method, Morale… driving our mission of meeting the spirit of getting things ALWAYS RIGHT, setting Bench Mark of International Standard produce. Team acknowledging their role in delivering The BEST, SAFEST, & FAST product in delight of CUSTOMER Satisfaction, as always.

Our CONFIDENCE to DARE DREAM our FUTURE in bringing them to reality in the field of MAGNETICS

Techno Excellence in manufacturing norms to achieve BEST in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with COMPONIX’s motto of “Quality as Tradition”.


  • 6×8 Drum Inductors Manufacturing with a whopping capacity of 3 Million parts per Month
  • EE10, EE14 with a cumulative production of 3 Million parts per Month
  • In house Tool Room and Programming expertise for faster turnaround for new product development (NPD)


Expansion on above frame line in terms of Volumetric efficiency and Quality defined produce to continue meeting industry standards by upholding our Strong Ritual perception of “Quality as Tradition”.  Dream of walking through path of being one among top5 hand-counted companies in India daring to compete and win over world market in terms of efficiency and pricing.


Techno Excellence in manufacturing norms to achieve BEST in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with Aaditya Componix Private Ltd’s motto of “Quality as Tradition